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September 7, 2008

NSG’s waiver to India – Kudos to Dr.Manmohan Singh

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 After 26 hour long high-voltage diplomacy, NSG lifts 34-year-old embargo on India’s Nuclear Trade. Kudos to Dr.Singh and his team for enabling the nuclear re-birth of worlds largest democracy and ending the nuclear apartheid era.

This marks the emergence of the Dr.Singh as India’s strongest and most capable Prime Minister ever, blasting off his critics who often addressed him as the puppet Prime Minister. This is a befitting reply to the anti-nationals, whose pro-China and anti-US ideologies stand above the national interest.

 This opens up full civil nuclear cooperation between India and the world, ending the decades-long isolation from the nuclear mainstream. This achievement has to be seen from the fact that this is an actual U-turn from the NSGs long standing principle. In fact, NSG was formed in1974 to isolate India from the nuclear mainstream after her 1974 Nuclear Tests.

 The major highlights of the draft,

  • This waiver will place India in elite nuclear club, establishing a defacto nuclear power status (more…)

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