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September 7, 2008

NSG’s waiver to India – Kudos to Dr.Manmohan Singh

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 After 26 hour long high-voltage diplomacy, NSG lifts 34-year-old embargo on India’s Nuclear Trade. Kudos to Dr.Singh and his team for enabling the nuclear re-birth of worlds largest democracy and ending the nuclear apartheid era.

This marks the emergence of the Dr.Singh as India’s strongest and most capable Prime Minister ever, blasting off his critics who often addressed him as the puppet Prime Minister. This is a befitting reply to the anti-nationals, whose pro-China and anti-US ideologies stand above the national interest.

 This opens up full civil nuclear cooperation between India and the world, ending the decades-long isolation from the nuclear mainstream. This achievement has to be seen from the fact that this is an actual U-turn from the NSGs long standing principle. In fact, NSG was formed in1974 to isolate India from the nuclear mainstream after her 1974 Nuclear Tests.

 The major highlights of the draft,

  • This waiver will place India in elite nuclear club, establishing a defacto nuclear power status
  • The NSG waiver will be a passport for India to global nuclear trade. The trade will immediately start with United States, Russia, Canada and France.
  • This will be big boost to India’s environmentally friendly energy requirements for sustainable economic growth.
  • This will raise India’s position to a level playing ground with China and marks the end of equal status for India and Pakistan
  • This will provide latest nuclear technology in India


  1. I wish to see what will be the face value of this waiver & exemptions if India go to do a Nuclear test TOMORROW or ANYTIME or If India decides to go ahead with LPG pipeline project with Iran. Legacy Of Americans tell us they will lick as long as one being obedient to them otherwise they will suck. Also, I hope Manmohan singh would be alive that time.

    As always, Illiterate (Sorry, I meant to say common man is still don’t know what is this deal, they just know their daily life is MISERABLE because of UNAFFORDABLE COST OF LIVING) and comic goons are on the street celebrating beating drums as if they got independence from Americans!!.

    Almost 75% of Indians are still living in utter poverty not because our country didn’t have NSG waiver and Nuclear deal. They people who are going to prosper by this deal are a group of American businessmen,a section of NRIs acting as middlemen and CROOKED POLITICIANS IN INDIA.That will remain as a truth.

    If this deal is all about ending acute power crisis in this country, the people all the way praising this deal should wait and see whether this will end the electricity appetite of this nation and how it is going to elevate the poor people of this country. A country with no specific and strict protocols to stop the simple technical faults, transmission leaks and THEFT in electrical transmission systems yet. A country where disaster management,planning & coordination is a myth even in this 21st Century. Still millions are left out homeless in floods every year. who care about them???? I am wondering what this deal is all about!.

    What kind of leaders our people choose and send to parliament, and the people shall have to pay the price for it. What a pity situation of my country!.People are being treated as idiots by their own leaders. This what is Indian democracy!.

    Indians will have to wait for many years and luckly if there is a visionary leader with strong political will and nationalistic agenda, then their dreams can be fullfilled. Otherwise the pockets of polticians are only going to be filled with currencies!


    Comment by Renjith Nair — September 8, 2008 @ 4:34 am | Reply

  2. @Renjith
    Thank you very much for putting forward a completely different view on this deal..

    I share with you many of the points that you pointed about the current political situation of our country..

    Comment by arjun2k — September 8, 2008 @ 3:35 pm | Reply

  3. I wud like to congratulate the whole team who won the historic deal for us…

    After all its a recognition of Palakkad diplomacy through M K Narayanan and Shivshankar Menon 🙂

    Comment by Vineeth — September 9, 2008 @ 4:39 am | Reply

  4. Hi Arjun..timely post..

    Yes,even I was very enthuciastic about the whole deal as it would make an official entry of my nation into the main stream..But not anymore,since when UPA took it up as their prestige issue and told would go to any extent to sign the deal..Duh,there are much more important ‘local n internal’ things to do,that they are so adamant about signing an international deal..What is so special about this deal in particular?

    Now,energy at what cost?Do we have an alternative already available in our own land?Leaving aside such stupid qstns of mine,can you pls enlighten me why PM was playing hide n seek in parliment when talking ‘facts’ on the deal..

    Why is it that America needs lot of hurdles and regulations to pass the deal,while India can do it just at the will of some people?

    Of course now im proud of being a nuclear nation,but for what and is it unavoidable or just for a ‘status ‘ sake?

    My small brain tells me that no aam aadmi is going to benefit except some american corporates,indian business brockers and shitty politicians..Im not being pessimist,but that is what i see ahead..

    As the first comment said,nobody gives you honey for free,that too from a kind hearted America..Wait n see..

    Let us pray that nuclear power is available at less lost atlest for our grand children..

    Sorry to give a different view,but in my opinion,this ia just an over hyped stuff..

    Comment by Nimmy — September 9, 2008 @ 6:22 am | Reply

  5. Sorry for all spelling mistakes..Baby in my hand,,

    Comment by Nimmy — September 9, 2008 @ 6:22 am | Reply

  6. Partly I agreed with the post..”Kudos to Singh”
    He has shown his potential.. strength.. proven he is not just a Puppet like most of our previous delegates who hold that position.

    But then about ‘achievement’ need to have a second thought.
    Its true that we will get some status; fame among other developed countries in the world..
    That doesn’t indicate the exact economic growth.
    If we can see the growth in each and every citizen of India tats the real growth.

    Good thoughts you have shared in the blog..
    Let’s hope for the best…

    Comment by Vineetha — September 9, 2008 @ 1:00 pm | Reply

  7. Hi Renjith,Nimmy,Vineetha,

    I agree to most of your comments…..especially.

    1.Curruption spoiling democracy
    2.There are more important things than this deal.
    3.Economic growth is not properly distributed….
    4.And America is not a trust worthy country….

    But I have a single question back…
    Even if this deal is not signed, nothing of this would have changed..
    I believe we got atleast some energy security without compromising on any thing…

    As Renjith pointed out I hope the India-Iran pipeline will go through even if America is against it.I hope our PM has the capacity to take it through….

    Again…Thanks for you comments

    Comment by arjun2k — September 9, 2008 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

  8. “Even if this deal is not signed, nothing of this would have changed..”Very true..

    “I believe we got atleast some energy security without compromising on any thing…”..May it be so..Amen:-)

    Keep up the good writing,as i’ll be free to fill up your space with my rants:)

    Comment by Nimmy — September 9, 2008 @ 6:29 pm | Reply

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