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September 20, 2008

India pays tribute to Mohan Chand Sharma, its bravest encounter specialist


Sep 19,2008 : India salutes its brave son, who became a martyr for his motherland. India pays rich tribute to martyr MC Sharma. Long Live Shahid Mohan Chand Sharma!. This is the biggest loss for Delhi police after the death of Ranbir Singh earlier this year.

Inspector Sharma(44),, who was killed in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar encounter with terrorists today, was described as one of their finest by the Delhi Police.

As per tip off from Gujarat Office, Delhi Police specialist cell stormed into an apartment at Jamia Nagar where 5 terrorists were holed up. Atiq, wanted in connection with the serial blasts in Ahmedabad and Delhi, and one of his associates were also killed, while two managed to escape. One was held and has been taken for the interrogation.

Inspector Sharma, who was awarded a Police Gold Medal for gallantry on Republic Day this year by the President of India, has in all received 150 rewards in his police career so far, including seven gallantry medals. He had neutralized 35 terrorists while he was responsible for the arrest of 80 of them. The officer had also neutralized 120 gangsters so far. He was involved in more than 75 gun battles, several involving dreaded gangsters from the badlands of Uttar Pradesh.In his time time, his team solved the Red Fort attack, the Parliament attack, and the 2005 Diwali blasts cases.

Sharma had always led from the front. He has shown the way to the Delhi Police. Such was the character and dedication of Sharma, he left his little son sickbed in Delhi’s Kalra Nursing Home with dengue fever saying “I have to rush… I’ll be back in an hour. We have some good leads. Pray for us. We have to get the right men and bring this (bombings) to a stop.”. At that time son was battling for life with urgent need of rare O+ blood.

The Special Cell of Delhi Police was formed in 1986, when militancy in Punjab was at its heights. It used to be known as a dumping ground for police officers who either did not perform well or were not in the good books of senior officers. In 1998, things began to change. Ashok Chand was appointed DCP. Encounter specialist Rajbir Singh, who had by then made a name for himself, was posted as ACP. Ranbir Singh handpicked his team from officers whom he had worked with earlier. Mohan Chand Sharma, Badrish Dutt, Lalit Mohan Negi, Hridya Bhushan and several others joined. And since then, there has been no looking back..

Sequence of events :


  • As per information from Gujarat police the special cell takes position on the buildings around apartment block L-18.
  • Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, who was not wearing a flak jacket, knocks on the front door of an apartment on the fourth floor of L-18 building.
  • Sharma asks the inmates to come out for police verification. Occupants open fire from a .3 mm pistol.
  • Three bullets hit Sharma; two pass through his body. Sharma falls down as the policemen take shelter.
  • Head Constable Balwan Singh suffers injury on right hand.  



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    Pingback by Career — September 20, 2008 @ 1:57 pm | Reply

  2. I was sticked to the news channels on that encounter day, I glued to the channels, surfing, analysing, contemplating, the agony, pain, and distress of the family of Mr. M. C. Sharma, only bread earner, with so huge personal responsbilities and serving the nation as a TRUE TRUE….. Police man. I think its only your attitude and karma theory that works, in this. I saw his brave-heartness, his determination for his Nation. I don’t think, much of us think in this way, that, he could also have taken a good posting in some of the police station and have enjoyed and yelled upon most like of us, common people.

    All these mixed feeling s in me which I could not express now, are coming to me because I felt very bad about his death. I saw on one of the channel his senior Jt. CP, Delhi has tears in his eyes, as I have sitting in front of the TV and just cursing myself for not being a part of this brigade of such honest people, I feel strongly, though we all are very busy in our schedules n engaged in all daily activities, but we should have some thing to do for our nation, so that at least my heart should not bleed so profusely, as it did this time, for Mr. Sharma.
    I had saluted him from my heart in th Tv at the Nigam Bodh Gaht, he was not my relative, friend or anybody but I think I share his point of view to eliminate these COCKROACHES.
    I felt much distressed yesterday late night when I saw the movie, A Wednesday, with my wife.

    I was talking to her, about my feelings for us patriotic acts, I believe in law and order, but only in one THAT WORKS for us.
    I am not going to condole anybody for Insp. Sharma, rather I would be going to do something which would make him feel more proud while he is in heaven.
    Yet I could not be a part of the Law enforcement system, but I would also not like to be one at 32.
    But YES!, I’ll certainly do something to make him pride, I would love to see smile once again on the family of Insp. Sharma, I would like to do something that could help them become more proud full for such a sacrifice of their ONE.

    by this Blog I pledge

    I’ll do that which will make us all feel very good and happy
    Insp. Sharma’s family, his team, his NATION.

    I come again and will let u all know that.

    Jai Hind ! Jai Bharat mata ki!, Salute!
    Bolte Rehne se Kuch nahin hoga, sirf yahi karte karte ek din char shoulders pe let ke nikal loge.

    Kuch Karo, Please batein karni chodo

    Keep this crab of Jai, Salute! away from such a HERO!
    He might not rest in peace if We could not do anything for his NATION.

    nation belongs to only those who do something for it.

    Insp. Sharma, will live alive in me and in the people who thinks like me.

    Comment by Aambrish Trikha — September 21, 2008 @ 11:24 am | Reply

  3. Please visit this for a Tribute to Shri Sharma.

    Comment by Anupam — September 21, 2008 @ 2:00 pm | Reply

  4. I saulte the brave cop for giving his life for a noble cause..

    But the goodness is being faded away by acts of some shitty hindus(not all hindus) trying to highjack ShARMA’S martyerdom.They are trying to spread an illusion that ‘hindu cop died by muslim’s hand’ is what i call fishing in muddy pool..Never mind,these types of activities are always done by BJP and allies..Afteral,its an elesction year and they need to do anything and everything for the sake of power..Let them keep doing.

    The sad death of a person is written down in various articles and in a script or story board..”..and the first bullet hit is chest..and blood began to flow..body full of blood..he is taking last breath..slowly cleses his eyes”.ROFL,authors are taking away the goodenss for a good person’s death..Atleast they must try to give some respect and take into consideration the family’s feelings who lost sharma..Statements as “only breadwinnner of family’ and like is adding fuel to fire and i doubt such intentions,as communal hrmony in my india is already at stake..Are they feeling compassionate or are they making use of the opportunity as to fire up maximum hatred?

    Many many cops,ranging from Superindentent to constable..They are also human beings..I don’t see media and whole indians moruning over such person’s deaths..What is so special about Shrama ..By making a true cop’s death over-hyped,those people are trying to or are literally erasing the goodness within Sharma..I am sure this will be taken up be BJP and allies as ‘hot sopt’ for spreading their wish them good luck,but sadly there are many many people with common sense ,still alive in my India and so I am not afraid of propaganda..

    Again,My hearty condolences and regards to his family..God help them recover from the sorrow..


    The author,arjun,need not feel offended as i said nothing against you..I am talking about some media persons and bloggers who view this as biggest loss of the century and trying to sideline the matter as ‘hindu killed by muslim’…Sorry for all spelling msitakes..Good day

    Comment by Nimmy — September 21, 2008 @ 3:33 pm | Reply

  5. I dont want to comment back on Nimmy’s comments….
    I respect her right to freedom of speech….

    Comment by arjun2k — September 21, 2008 @ 6:30 pm | Reply

  6. Sorry if i offended anybody..Just some random frustrated thoughts…Sorry..The author may remove my comment..

    Comment by Nimmy — September 21, 2008 @ 6:42 pm | Reply

  7. Fake Encounter!!!! where is Teesta Setalvad???? Where is CNN-IBN???? Where is Barkha Dutt??? where are the Pseudo Secularists??? Human Rights activists?? oh…it is a Congress Lead Government in Delhi! and Shiela Deekshit is the CM not Narendra Modi.So no issues!!!!

    Prime Minister Manmohan Singh just got a weapon “A CAMOUFLAGE NUCLEAR DEAL” to distract the public from the fallout of his Government.He and His Boss Sonia bluffs India Remain poorest country since independence because we didn’t have this nuclear deal!!! and it will solve the entire problem we are facing!!!! Like Indira Gandhi…Sonia believes as long as India remain illiterate Congress can SOW and HARVEST.In the coming election the SEED IS THIS CAMOUFLAGE NUCLEAR DEAL!!!.

    Comment by Renjith Nair — September 22, 2008 @ 3:42 pm | Reply

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