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October 4, 2008

Sympathizing terrorism: A new fashion in modern India

Its a fact…. and its growing in dangerous proportion, manured by the so-called human rights activists, media and the political bigwigs. Be it in the Delhi cop Sharma’s murder case, Gujarat bomb blast, ban of SIMI verdict, parliament attack case or the Kashmir issue.

Soon after the media celebrated the killing of MC Sharma, started the new controversy. One of the militant arrested after the encounter, Saquib Nisar, was not a terrorist and he is an MBA student……..Why an MBA student cannot be terrorist?, and soon flashed the news from his college authorities that he attended exams on the day of Delhi blast and he had a good conduct. But after that day the news almost vanished to nowhere creating feeling in viewer that , Saquib Nisar was indeed innocent. But truth was completely different. Yes Saquib attended all exams except that of the penultimate day of the blast. And infact he was on leave from his office (where he worked part-time) on the penultimate days of all the blasts that happened in Bangalore, Ahamedabad and Delhi. Moreover the Minister of Home, one of the senior most party leader of ruling coalition, came in support of its students which was fighting against government for their release

Now the Gujarat blast case, the day after Gujarat police arrested the militants in connection with the Gujarat blast, went the MPs of the party, which leads the coalition in the Centre to sympathize with families of those arrested. On the same day of the ‘SIMI ban’ controversy, the minister for railways, and Mulayam Singh came forward speaking against the ban of SIMI. The next is the most shocking of the lot. The culprit sentence for death punishment for 7/11 parliament attack case, Afzal, gained support from the mainstream political parties, and human rights activists started agitations for his release. Then the great Booker prize laureate Arundhathi Roy coming in open asking for the partition of Kashmir.

I am not against giving human consideration to the people who deserve it. But it should not be given to terrorists who have become great threat to humanity.

The most disturbing factor in this is that the outcry for human rights is seen only in the case of terrorists. Even when the 18 Indians boarded ship is held hostage in Somalia for the past 16 days, I don’t see any action taken or even discussed for their release. Why don’t those innocent people doesn’t have human rights. Or do the terrorists deserve more human rights than these innocent people.

This precedence should be plucked at root to further reduce the aftermaths.Its time for India to raise voice against terrorism, start debating in public and corner the political parties who use these for petty political gains.

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